Life is succession of challenges…

… that we face on a daily basis :

  • Most part of those are easy to overcome, and are completed in a matter of seconds,
  • But some will appear overwhelming, and will take much time to achieve !
Nobody said it was easy...

With such assessment, we can agree that everybody need some waypoints to go through life.

Regarding my personal and professional background, that is a good example of this succession of ups and downs, I use a simple motto as my main waypoint, like **a mantra which sum-up my approach for problem solving** :

My personal mantra

If there is no solution, there is no problem. — Unknown

I can’t remember how this came to my knowledge, so I don’t know who I can credit for that quote! Google Search hesitate between Buddhism (Dalai Lama) and Dadaism (Marcel Duchamp)…

How those simple words can affect a life path


Anyways, it has driven my decisions and choices at least thorough the past 15 years, with quite a good success :

  • When I switched from nurse studies to IT field for health concerns,
  • When I left my native area to work on Paris (France) following a dark year,
  • When my wife and I chose to emigrate to Canada at the very moment we felt that our lives needed to level-up !

How those simple words can help on a working routine


From my point of view, using this mantra as a decisional leverage, combinated with a solid professional expertise, is a good way to find relevant (sometimes out-of-bounds) solutions to :

  • some network and security designs that needs to be efficient with the lowest building and recurring fees,
  • blocking points you can face when you integrate some unknown technology,
  • the most critical issues when all well-known solving paths can’t apply.

Make those words yours !

As it worked for me, I have no doubt that some of you will find out that this “mantra” makes sense ! And if it can help you to complete your daily challenges as from now, I will be more than pleased :)